What Is An Anti Bump Lock And Why Is It Used

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What Is An Anti Bump Lock And Why Is It Used

To understand what this device is and why it is used, one must first understand what lock bumping is. Once folks understand the process the next question is what is an anti bump lock. Lock bumping had been used by locksmiths for years. It is a technique that allows locksmiths to gain entry to locks when there is no key available.

Bumping is a word for the act of using a special key that is inserted in the keyhole and tapped with a screwdriver. This action causes the pins inside the cylinder to skip to the shear line. With a little twist applied to the key, the door will unlock. This makes is very easy for an intruder to quietly and quickly unlock your door.

With the introduction of internet anyone has been given access to this procedure. Step by step instructions on how to bump a lock can be found online. In addition, the special keys needed to carry out the process are being sold online. What this means is that anyone can find the technology and the tools to enter your home.

The special key has numerous ridges that are all the same length. When the key is hit with a screwdriver while in the cylinder it is turned quickly and the lock opens. This technique is done in a matter of second. It causes no damage and leaves no indication of break in. Your best defense is to invest in locks that cannot be bumped.

The anti bump locks have more pins than regular locks and the keys are specially prepared. The cylinder has shallow pin stacks that prevent them from jumping up or they have a programmable side bar with no pins on top. The locks with rotating disks will also prevent jumping and help keep doors shut securely.

It is definitely worth investing in these types of locking devices to make certain that you and your family are always safe. In addition, when you are away from your home, you will be more at ease knowing that your belongings are secure. Because there are so many videos that show how to bump, pick, and drill a lock, it is important to know that you are not exposed to this type of assault.

There are several preventive measures that folks can take to improve their security. For example, make sure that the landscaping around your property allows clear visibility. This will limit the amount of coverage a criminal will have to hide while trying to break into your home. Open spaces and bright lighting will deter intruders. Motion sensors and cameras will also help secure your home.

It is good to be aware of your surroundings and always be alert. Get to know your neighbors and let them know when you are going to be away so they can watch your home. You may also look into starting a Neighborhood Watch. There are also some neighborhood watch websites available that will give you information about your community when you are away.


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