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At LockFit we know that keeping tenants safe is of utmost importance to landlords. That’s why we offer an excellent range of locksmith services for letting and estate agents to help make sure the properties you manage are as secure as they can be. Whether you’ve got a new tenant moving in, need to keep a property secure while there’s nobody living in it, or require an emergency locksmith for break-ins, evictions or repossessions, we can help.


The LockFit locksmiths team are fully trained and highly experienced. If you manage properties, our 24-hour, seven-days-a-week emergency service allows us to get an expert locksmith to the tenant within 30 – 60 minutes of your call, with no call-out charge.


Our services to landlords include:

  • Door locks
  • uPVC window locks
  • Window hinges repaired or replaced
  • Realign door and windows
  • Window boarding
  • Pre-arranged prices


Expert advice and professional locksmith solutions for letting and estate agents


If a tenant calls you to say that they have lost their keys, it’s important you get the locks changed immediately by professional locksmiths. Otherwise the property could be vulnerable to a break-in, and the tenant’s safety could be compromised. The LockFit team are on hand to help them get back in, and to advise you on any repair work that needs doing.


If a tenant’s lock is sticking due to age or damage, our skilled locksmiths can repair, replace or upgrade the lock to ensure the property is secure and that the tenant can get in and out of it easily. We also offer a full emergency burglary repair service, so that you can be sure the property is as secure as it can be following an incident, this can include boarding up windows or door ways if required.

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