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UPVC Doors – Lock Repair and Replacement

Lockfit specialise in Upvc doors. If you experience problems with your uPVC door and are not familiar with uPVC door locking mechanisms it’s recommended to call a locksmith and do not extract the locking mechanism by yourself.


There are several different manufacturers that make UPVC door locks and mechanisms. Whilst there are many different variants and designs, they all work using the same essential principle.


The kind of lock known as a “multi point locking mechanism” is not unique to uPVC doors: it also sometimes features on wooden composite doors. When this device malfunctions in the closed and locked position, it can lead to other issues.


Usually there are tell-tale signs that the system is going to malfunction.

How to tell if the system may be beginning to fail include:


The handle becoming difficult to operate. It may need additional pressure at the end of the turn(while you lift it).
The lock is not functioning properly, becoming stiff or making a “click” sound.
The handle becomes wobbly and loose or spins completely


These indications can point to a number of different things. Hopefully, the problem is something relatively simple such as the door alignment has been knocked slightly. But it could be a more serious issue where one or more of the moveable internal parts has frozen up, seized or broken. Or possibly the problem is within the locking euro cylinder.

How does a Multipoint Lock Work?


Multipoint locks usually work in identical ways, no matter how many locking points it may have and what type they are. They could be simple rollers, large hooks and bolts or a combination of the two types. Mechanisms in which you need to lift the handle that activates the locking points operates are the most frequently used mechanisms. In these types of system the entire mechanism is locked into place while enables a simple turn of the key in the cylinder to lock and unlock the uPVC door.

Emergency UPVC door lockout


If you’re locked outside of your property and need a uPVC door lock opened you can contact us, we provide a 24 hour locksmith service and specialise in UPVC door locks and mechanisms. 


Call our uPVC expert Locksmith services now for a no obligation quotation on: 0800 210 1010 If it’s a problem with the uPVC door lock mechanism, we will open it for you and replace it. We can usually have a new mechanism on your door and working within one hour of arriving.


We can also provide options for uPVC door security and extra security which can be installed. You have the option of changing your current cylinder lock for an anti-snap, anti-bump and anti-drill version. We also provide a wide range of uPVC door handles which can be replaced for more secure, anti snap uPVC door handles. We can also install sash jammers these are essentially door bolts for uPVC doors that are attached on the inside providing additional security.


If you require extra security on a sliding patio door, we can fit push locks, these can prevent the door from being lifted off the runners and forced open.

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