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Misted Window Replacement


Looking for your nearest misted window replacement experts? We can install single/double glazed windows for you at a very competitive price within 24 hours. Our replacement glass is durable, energy-efficient and comes with a guarantee. Save ££££ and get failed windows fixed by Lockfit.

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Misted Window/ Blown Double Glazing

Why suffer failed windows? We have decades of experience and offer a reliable, honest, and cost effective way of improving both the look of your property and its energy efficiency.  We want our customers to be fully satisfied with the quality of our work, which is why we communicate with all our customers clearly on our price and when we can fit which in most cases in the very same day.

It might be time to replace your glazing if:


  • Noticed you’re paying more to heat your home year on year? You may have a faulty seal that’s allowing heat to escape from your property. By having new windows installed you could save £££ on your energy bills and keep heat in your home.
  • If you see condensation or water in between the panes of double or triple glazed windows the window has failed, not only does this spoil your view it reduces the appeal and value of the property to onlookers and in more severe cases can even cause damage to your home.
  • Failed windows can increase the noise pollution in your home, for a peaceful night’s sleep we recommend that a glazing expert looks at your windows to identify if replacement glass is needed.
Misted Window Replacement/ Blown Double Glazing

What is the cost of replacing misted double glazing units?


Replacements glazing units can vary greatly in price from the unit itself to installation. Double glazing window costs can range from £200 – £700, depending on what style of window you have, a single casement window with a uPVC frame, for example, can be around £200 but sash windows can reach upwards of £700. At LockFit we offer an alternative cost effective solution to fix misted glazing by replacing the glass, as part of our Misted Window Replacement service, we’ll even repair or replace window locks at the same time, providing you with high quality misted glazing replacements and fittings so your windows can look like brand new without having to spend half as much.

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