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Lockfit offers a free home security survey where we can advise you on burglary prevention measures.


Whether you feel the need for a home security check following a recent burglary in your area or have moved recently into your new home, we can offer you an expert assessment of your current home or property security and advise accordingly on what we believe is needed to maximise your safety.


Lockfit home survey gives you practical up to date advice on modern day tactics used by criminals and how to defend against them by having the correct police & insurance tested products installed.


A typical house survey takes between 45 minutes to 1 hour. Following our consultation visit, we will email you a detailed report outlining any areas of immediate concern and inform you of the necessary security enhancements needed to maximise your homes defences. This service is available absolutely free and there is no obligation anything.


Any products recommended will be British Standard Approved which meet home insurance providers requirements and police guidance, our goal as a company is to make your home the least attractive prospect for burglar(s) when they are assessing properties to target.


Lockfit regularly attend the aftermath of burglaries and our advice if you are the unfortunate victim of burglary is to make the required enhancements, as statistically it is proven time and time again that if these areas of weakness are not rectified, the burglar will continue to return and target your property.


Ring doorbells or smart home systems can be an important addition to your home security. Not only do they record and capture pictures they can also work as an effective deterrent. Our expert locksmiths can install the full range of Ring products to keep your home, apartment or building secure.

We will answer any of your security questions you may have and give you the correct advice in accordance with current crime trends to ensure you stay safe from any attempts made to enter your property.


Call us today to book your free home security check or find your nearest Lockfit locksmith below.

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