What Are BS3621 Locks? Plus Factors That Indicate That You Are Using These Locks

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What Are BS3621 Locks? Plus Factors That Indicate That You Are Using These Locks

BS3621 is a locking unit that is made by the British standard institute that is thief-resistant. They usually lock the front as well as the back doors of a house. It is important to always up your security system in your house and this type of lock is the upgrade you need. The lock has been accepted and approved by the insurance firms as the standard lock that should be fitted in your home if you intend to acquire an insurance deal. Here is more on what are BS3621 locks?

There is a two-step criteria that you would be able to use to tell whether or not you are using a British standard lock. For starters, check whether or not your front and back door locks conform by locating the British standard kite-mark that is usually located on the front areas of a lock. The faceplate of a lock is normally seen when you open a door.

You also have to locate a standard number that is engraved on your lock. The two steps that will help you determine whether or not your lock is a BS3621. If you are not sure about all the above steps, you can go ahead and inquire from a local MLA accepted locksmith in the region. The expert should know about these locks and must have been using them every day. He or she should be able to upgrade your lock to this type of lock.

This type of lock was originally introduced in the market in the 1960s. They are usually fitted in wooden doors in residential areas. They are also fitted in metallic entrance in commercial buildings. The lock usually incorporates a key to automatically open and close the lock-in a process known as keyed egress. The nature of these locking units work in such a way that one will not be able to open the door on either side of a locked door until they have a key.

The locking unit is not suitable for properties that only possess a single exit door. The good thing about these locking units is that they are tested and proven to be secure when it comes to burglary techniques like drilling as well as picking. The other advantage that you will enjoy when you acquire such locks is that they comply with any insurance policy.

As stated above, these are insurance approved locks. This means that some insurance firms require you to have this standard locking unit installed for you to secure a home insurance deal. A point to note is that the approval and certification of this lock is done by the British standards institute and not the insurance firm.

There are various kinds of locking units that usually conform to this type of lock criteria. They include the Mortice Sashlock as well as the Mortice deadlock with five or more levers, and the euro deadlock together with Sashlock and rim cylinder locking unit.

If you are still confused about the type of lock you have and whether or not it conforms to the BS-3621 British standard, you can read more and research on the various kinds of locks. This will put you in a better position to know whether or not you will be able to upgrade your lock to BS-3621.


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