UPVC Door Lock Problems And Solutions

UPVC Door Lock Problems And Solutions

There are various reasons the lock of your door may not be working properly. That can be inconveniencing since you may be required to replace the whole unit. Lock problems are some of the common issues every homeowner often handles. Most of the modern doors are heavy and usually expand and contract depending on the temperature changes. However, when issues arise, there are a number of ways to handle upvc door lock problems.

One of the issues is that the door may not be locking properly or has a stiff handle. There are different reasons for your door not locking correctly. If the handle is getting a bit stiff and you are experiencing problems in turning the key, there are chances that the door is not aligned well. That may be facilitated by swelling and contracting of the entryway at different temperatures. Also, general tear and wear may lead to this problem after frequent hanging or slamming of the door.

A misalignment problem is fixed by adjusting hinges to re-align the frame. After the lock starts functioning smoothly with no obstruction, the key is able to turn without difficulty. Since debris in the entryway can also lead to this issue, regular cleaning of particles and dirt in the frame is also vital.

Another issue is having your entryway locking from one side. Whenever this happens, the key does not turn fully, and the solution is to replace the lock barrel. The problem is caused by the lock cylinder central cam slipping from the alignment. General issues arise from worn out components and keys which may be caused by substandard quality locks or heavy use. In case there are no other major problems, handling this issue is not hard.

When the handle spins around but does not open the entryway it can cause frustration. This problem arises after a stiff entryway has not been replaced. Extensive forcing of a handle puts more strain on the inner parts and may end up breaking it. After the inside spindle is broken, you will have to replace the whole locking unit or the back box depending on the device utilized.

You will need the help of a locksmith to access your device, remove it and order for new replacements parts. Thus, it is crucial that you get your gadget adjusted after the early symptoms of stiffness have appeared. The user can also be locked out. Whenever this occurs, you need to contact an emergency locksmith operator. Do not try to force the entryway open because you may damage the device even more. After opening the device, the technician can decide to remove the cylinder and replace with another one.

Usually, the device cylinders which come with new doors are of low quality and are not recommended since they do not meet insurance rules. However, other expensive and sturdy locks are meant to give more protection against bumping, picking, snapping of locks.

In the market, there are a number of brands that exceed the required standard rating and that provide greater security against burglary. However, those are pricey and should only be bought to protect high-risk premises. To sort out your locking problems, you need to hire a licensed and reputable firm.


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