Types of Security Keys

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Types of Security Keys

Different Types Of Security Keys And How They Can Impact Your Home Or Business

Any time that you have something to protect, you definitely want to lock it up. A standard key, however, may not always do the trick, especially when you are hiding sensitive, confidential or legally private information. Following are a few different types of security keys along with the different forms of protection that they can provide to your home or business.

In the modern era, many security keys are digital in nature. Rather than actually inserting a physical key into a lock, you might be required to type in a code. If this is the case, this code should be alpha-numeric, difficult to hack, and set to update at least once every 90 days. Resetting passwords or security keys on a routine basis is a secondary measure that you can take to ensure that systems and physical buildings are never hacked.

Biometric locks are currently all the rage among populations that are looking for new and innovative ways to surpass the efficacy of standard and traditional locking mechanisms. For instance, rather than having a lock on your door that you will need to physically engage or open, you might want to have a scanner put in place. This could recognize retinal features or fingerprints. Some of these devices even have voice recommendation.

Keep in mind that biometric locking features are not just available for doors. They can also be installed on windows, laptops and other physical structures and technical devices. Ultimately, if there is anything that you want to keep locked up tight, this is one of the most advanced methods of doing it.

There are definite benefits in having such a key that people must either engage or bypass before accessing stored information. For instance, if your company requires employees to collect and store things like social security numbers or confidential medical information, having this type of key will prevent unauthorized users from gaining access to info that was always meant to be private.

Beyond preventing unauthorized parties from accessing private info, this level of diligence can protect against serious liability issues. For example, if a person’s private information is retrieved from a lost or stolen laptop, you may have to go to court, pay damages and cover legal costs for all parties. This type of event can also have a devastating impact on company reputations. Good locking mechanisms is an excellent form of prevention.

Prevention is always far less costly than cleaning up the mess that a break-in entails, whether this is a technical trespass or a physical one. This is definitely something to keep in mind when deciding how you will secure your home or business. Even some of the most costly security measures are still more cost-effective than dealing with loss.

There are also smart keys that can be used for autos, homes, buildings and personal or company IT devices. Smart locking technologies are easy to use, easy to install and well-worth the necessary investment. Best of all, these keys make it possible for people to verify the security of their buildings and possessions, online and in real time.


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