Types of Burglary

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Types of Burglary

The Various Types Of Burglary Committed

Getting robbed is easily one of the scariest and possibly even terrifying experiences that a person can have. You feel violated in a way, and you may fear that they or another burglar will come back again. In order to alleviate these fears and stop looking over your shoulder all the time, it is best to know the types of burglary that can happen and how to prevent you and your family from becoming a victim.

Burglary is generally defined as illegal or forceful entry into a residence or building. Generally, the intent to take property without consent is also involved, though in some places just trying to break in is a crime, even if you do not succeed or do not steal anything.

Some people use the word burglary interchangeably with robbery or theft, but from a legal standpoint, they are not the same. Theft or larceny is simply taking something without consent. It can happen anywhere, there does not have to be any breaking into a home or building involved. Robbery is theft with the threat of force, such as being robbed at gunpoint. In a burglary, generally, you only need the intent to take something from a home or building.

If the crime is committed at someone’s house, it is considered residential burgling. If it is done in a building or place of business, then it is considered commercial burgling. In some cities, the commercial form includes scraping off or altering prices on price tags or removing security devices.

Breaking and entering is a commonly heard phrase and one type of this crime. All that needs to happen to commit this crime is to break into a building or home without consent. In this case, the burglar actually had to enter the structure. Simply picking a lock or breaking a window is not enough. They can still be brought up on other charges for that, but not breaking and entering.

If a weapon is involved in the incident, then it can become a first-degree burglary. The weapon can be a wide range of things from knives. Guns, baseball bats, crowbar or anything that can injure or harm someone. This can occur in a home or even a yard. A person doing this can be charged with either a felony or a misdemeanor, depending on the severity of the incident.

Second degree occurs in a non-residential area like an office building or restaurant. Even a farm or ranch that has a home on it may be charged with a 2nd-degree citation. These are generally a Class II misdemeanor and may be combined with other charged depending on how bad the incident was.

Finally, a 3rd degree is when a person is caught trespassing on an unenclosed structure, yard or patio before committing the crime, but it is clear they were about to commit one. Breaking and entering into a vehicle also falls under this umbrella. If a person trespasses and will not leave after being asked by the owner to do so, they are usually charged with a 3rd degree, which is a class 3 misdemeanor.


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