Trusted Trader Scheme

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Trusted Trader Scheme

Lockfit is now part of the ‘trusted trader’ scheme – which aims to reassure members of the public they are getting a good, reliable service. The scheme is run by Derbyshire County Council’s Trading Standards team and was set up to protect people against rogue traders.


Lockfit is a market leader in providing professional locksmith services. Before becoming a trusted trader, companies undergo rigorous checks by trading standards. They must also adhere to a long list of terms and conditions, including:·

  • Notifying trading standards of any court judgements·
  • Agreeing not to cold call either by visiting or phoning residential addresses·
  • Agreeing to not engage in “high-pressure selling”·
  • Providing customers with a feedback card on completion of all contracts·
  • Being based in Derbyshire, or doing more than half of their business within the county council’s geographical boundary·
  • Making sure customers are aware they are members of the scheme·
  • Not treating customers in a discriminatory way·
  • Having schemes in place to protect customers’ deposits and pre-payments, and making these clear·
  • Where appropriate, having an effective customer complaints’ procedure


Founder & Managing Director Kevin Russell said he was delighted to see the company become part of the scheme.


He said:  “The Trusted Trader scheme is a great way of providing extra reassurance to the public that, as well as our excellent record and the fact we are leading the way in the locksmith industry, we really do offer an honest, value-for-money, reliable, first class service. We believe in always being 100% transparent, we are clear, upfront and honest about our company charges.


“We are traders, and we are proud to say we are now officially ‘trusted traders’.”


Trusted trader membership number: M181382


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