Should I Change My Locks? – Low Priced Vs High Priced Locks

Should I Change My Locks? - Low Priced Vs High Priced Locks - Lockfit

Should I Change My Locks? – Low Priced Vs High Priced Locks

One of the best ways to deter an intruder from gaining access into your property is by having a secure lock in place. Most people assume that locks sold to the public are secure, but nothing could be further from the truth. There is a difference in the quality and security that they provide. Therefore, if you are asking yourself should I change my locks? – low priced vs high priced locks, here is what you need to know.

Changing your lock to a more modern model is a good idea. This is because most thieves like to be one step ahead of the game and they will learn to unlock just about any kind of door. But with newer versions, it will take them time before they can catch on and have enough time to practice, so that they can unlock doors.

A low cost lock is usually made out of low quality materials that are easy to destruct. On the other hand, more costly versions are made out of heavier and superior quality material. These are harder to break as they are stronger and more durable. This means that a costly lock will do well against the normal wear and tear it is expected to have, thereby giving you better protection in comparison to the lower cost one.

A costly lock will likely put you out of pocket, so it might be tempting to choose a less expensive option. But think about how much money you will loose if someone manages to gain access into your home. You are likely to be charged a higher premium on your home insurance. Moreover, the more secure your lock is, the higher the discount you can ask for due to the increased security therefore, in the end you will end up saving money by choosing a superior quality lock.

To secure your car and garage, use a good quality lock. This will make your vehicle less vulnerable to break-ins. However, if you have already experienced a break-in, make sure to change your lock to a more secure option. This will minimize chances of another break-in.

If there was an attempted break-in at your house, it is important that you upgrade to a more superior lock. This is because someone might have a copy of your old keys and they could end up being successful in their next attempt. In addition, it could be that your lock got damaged during the attempted break-in, therefore it would be wise to replace it.

Changing your lock will give you peace of mind. For instance, when you are travelling, you want to ensure that your place is safe. It will cost more but you will be less worried about your house.

In conclusion, most thieves are opportunistic thieves. If they try breaking your lock and they find it hard to do so, they will move on to their next target. Therefore, having a secure lock is one of the biggest deterrents for these kind of thieves. Secure your home by using a quality and trustworthy door lock.


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