LockFit wins new contract with Derbyshire County Council

LockFit wins new contract with Derbyshire County Council

LockFit, a specialist Nationwide emergency locksmith service, has won a new contract with Derbyshire County Council to provide its services for the Target Hardening Project.


The new contract, which covers Derbyshire was won against other companies. The criteria included value for money, customer-focused delivery and the ability to provide compliant comprehensive support to all tenants within a set time period.


This particular project will involve changing the locks, where necessary, on the homes of medium and high risk domestic abuse victims who either own their own home, are in private rented accommodation or are in social housing (where there is a need and landlords are unable to provide this service).


Domestic abuse frequently continues after a relationship has ended and the perpetrator has left the home.  Victims often remain in the home that they had at the time of the domestic abuse taking place. When the domestic abuse perpetrator is released from prison, for example, victims may often feel at continued risk.  This project aims to help reduce the fear of further abuse taking place and ensure that perpetrators don’t have continued access to the victim’s home.


Kevin Russell, Managing Director of LockFit, says this is a significant new contract for the company; we have extensive experience in delivering projects like this, with minimum of disruption to tenants. We are extremely pleased to have won this contract and look forward to delivering on this new partnership.



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