Learn About Smart Locks VS. Traditional Locks

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Learn About Smart Locks VS. Traditional Locks

There are many joys and advantages to home ownership, but there are things you need to be wary of as well. Storms that cause damage or a leaking roof are just a few of the things that can cause you problems, not to mention a ton of money. Security is another one of those things you need to look out for. Without proper locks on doors, criminals can get into your home or property pretty easily and rob you blind. That is why it is important to know the details about Smart Locks VS. Traditional locks.

Traditional locks help to turn a door into a true barrier. They must be physically engaged to be opened, such as with a key or key card of some sort. There are a whole lot of different types, from a mortise model to the very common and popular deadbolts.

The pin-tumbler variety continues to be the most common. It is secure and very affordable and accessible, so lots of people buy them. However, these alone are not good enough for a master thief with lots of experience. They are used to and expect the popular locks, so they already know how to break them using easy methods.

That is where a smart lock can help. Many of these are used in conjunction with a traditional model, making it more secure. However, if you want to go full tech, you can choose to install only smart models and see how it fits for you. A smart lock has some of the same features as traditional ones, but they are automated. There is no key or card to open them.

In addition, with this type of barrier, you can access the door remotely to open it, often through the use of an app on a phone or tablet. This also provides extra security because it allows you to remotely access everything and see who has come in and out, if anyone. For example, you can log into the app and see how many times it has been opened.

Of course, one of the drawbacks to these is that in order for them to work properly, they must be connected via WiFi to your internet. That means that if there is a hacker nearby with decent skills, they may be able to hack into your system and open the door.

You can try to combat hackers, though. Upgrading the home internet network is an excellent start, and is something you should likely do anyways, regardless of whether you have a smartlock installed. Install a stronger, higher-security firewall than the one you currently have. You may also want to make the network password more secure and if you really want to go all the way, change the password on a regular basis, making it different each and every time.

You may also want to check with your insurance company. They may offer discounts if you change or upgrade locks, which could help cover the cost of doing so. As for which ones is more secure, it depends on you and your needs. If you like remote access and are willing to upgrade the home network, then an upgrade to automated versions is a good idea. If not, you should stick with the traditional.


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