Learn About 8 Emergency Steps To Take Immediately After A Home Burglary

Learn About 8 Emergency Steps To Take Immediately After A Home Burglary

Learn About 8 Emergency Steps To Take Immediately After A Home Burglary

If your home has just been burglarized, you might be confused and wondering what to do next. Whether you are in a panic or you have no idea what to do, there are a few steps that you need to take immediately to stay safe and start the process of bringing back order into your home. The following are 8 emergency steps to take immediately after a home burglary.

The first thing you should do after a home burglary is calling the police. The longer you wait before calling police officers the longer it will take to catch the thieves and get back your stolen goods. When the police officers arrive at your house, it is vital to let them know of your security systems so that they can view the security footage. Such footage can help them identify the burglars.

After the officers have arrived at your home, make a list of all items that have been stolen or damaged. Include all the details of the items and their value. Provide this list to the police and make sure that you have been left with a copy to give to your insurance company. You can also take photographs or video footage of the damage and show it to your insurance company.

It is also important to contact your insurance company and let them know about the break-in. It is vital to file a claim within 24 hours after reporting the incident to the police. At this point, you should not touch anything or move anything so that when the claim adjuster comes to your house, he or she can easily assess the damage. Your insurance company will pay for some of the losses you incurred.

You also need to call your bank if your checks, credit cards or debit cards were stolen. It is wise to call your bank and other financial institutions immediately to avoid fraud. Your bank can block your cards immediately and provide you with a replacement.

Once you inform your bank about the incident, it is now time to clean up and do repairs of all the damage. After documenting the burglary fully, bind up the broken windows and doors as you wait for a repair company to come and fix the damage. Clean up the debris such as broken glass to get your home back to normal.

You also need to reassess your security and take necessary measures. Look into how you can make your home more secure to avoid another burglary. You can upgrade your windows and doors, and if you do not have a security surveillance system you should install one.

It is also imperative to look after yourself and your loved ones. A burglary does not just have you lose valuables and damage your house, it also leaves you and your loved ones feeling insecure and can cause emotional damage. If any member of your family is feeling anxious you can seek professional help from organizations that support people that have been in a crime or people who witnessed a crime.

The other thing you should do is to inform your neighbors that your house was burglarized. This can prompt them to be more careful. Also, contact a reputable locksmith to rekey your locks.


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