Find Out When Should You Replace Your Door Locks

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Find Out When Should You Replace Your Door Locks

Whether you own a home or a business, you have to have a solid, multi-layered security plan in place. This is vital for protecting any assets that are contained within the building structure. It is also a critical part of ensuring the safety of all those living within or using the building. One large part of this plan is simply knowing when should you replace your door locks. These are the very first layer of defense and if they are not reliable and up to date, you could be at risk of experiencing serious problems.

For business owners, there are a number of security concerns that can render existing locks and keys unsafe. For instance, if you have recently let a disgruntled employee go, then you should probably have the facility rekeyed. The best way to limit the costs of these efforts is by only rekeying areas that the disgruntled employee had authorized access to, such as entry locks and specific office locks.

This limits the likelihood of having this person return to the business to cause damages to any products, technical equipment or other assets that you routinely host onsite. There are a number of strategies that you can employ to prevent this from happening. Among these is simply limiting access to key areas of the building by only authorizing a very small number of employees.

When you give a single employee total access to the entire building and all storage or inventory areas, all keys will likely need replacing. In this instance, the only other way to avoid this is to have other elements in your multi-layered security plan protecting key areas. This is not the only time that a commercial building will need to be rekeyed.

It may be that your locks are getting older. Keep in mind that a number of impressive innovations have recently been made in locking and security technologies. A lot of companies are even using digital keypads, door badges and other non-traditional solutions for accessing building interiors. If you are keeping a lot of costly equipment and inventory onsite, then you definitely want to keep your assets safe.

This same is also true for homeowners. The more that you have to protect on the interior of your home, the more efficient you want your locking mechanisms to be. If these features have not been upgraded in several decades, reach out to a locksmith to know more about your replacement options and the estimated replacement costs.

Homeowners should think about replacing these features after recent break-ins and after keys have been lost. This is especially true when lost keys have been labeled so that those who find them can easily gain access to the building. Remember that the latest and most innovative security technologies can make it possible for you to do away with keys entirely.

Consider working with these professionals just ahead of selling. This is an upgrade that could make the unit infinitely more appealing to prospective buyers. This is all the more true for sellers who are willing to invest in smart keys and other advanced technologies. The time has definitely come to have these features replaced if the keys aren’t always working like they should. If you have a hard time getting functional copies of your existing set or of the tumblers are constantly getting stuck, this could be an indication of excess wear and tear.


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