Farnham Entrepreneur Joins LockFit Team

Mike, Farnham Locksmith Stood Next To His LockFit Van

Farnham Entrepreneur Joins LockFit Team

Initially trained as an Engineer, then a stint in the Military and Civil Engineering, I then joined an International Franchising Corporation where I spent the next 14 years or so gaining extensive experience in general management as Franchisor of an international brand. My career with the corporate spanned the disciplines of marketing, finance and operations, culminating in Managing Director for Southern Africa, before deciding that I wanted to look beyond Corporate life towards Entrepreneurship.


This led to the establishment of our own Franchising concept in the fast food industry and the venturing into hospitality, leisure and travel sectors with the owning and operating of wilderness Game Lodges and Tour Operating.


Highlights for me in recent years have been the coaching and mentoring of entrepreneurs in the growing of their small and medium sized businesses.

Having recently relocated to the UK I looked to finding a new business opportunity and although I was a practising business coach, I yearned for something more individual that I could focus on.


That is when I came across Lockfit and after doing my research and the fact that I had in the past held shares and mentored an entrepreneur in the Locksmith business, I decided this was worth pursuing. It is still early days for me but given my 25 years of experience as both a Franchisor and Franchisee, I have every confidence in the Lockfit franchise concept offerings.


Impressive has been the reasonable cost of entry and fee structure going forward, passionate energy and professionalism conveyed by Franchisor and high level of support offered across operations and marketing. All of these aforementioned factors coupled to the dedicated professional delivery by the Franchisee to the consumer can only result in success.


Mike Rothbletz – LockFit Farnham


If you would like to start your own LockFit franchise call our team on 0800 210 1010. Our Franchise Development team will be in touch to answer any of the questions you have.


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