Easy Locksmith Tips For Landlords

Easy Locksmith Tips For Landlords

If you own a building or happen to manage one, making sure that all units are secure is key to avoiding serious safety problems. Lockouts and other issues can plague property owners and managers as well, and thus, break-ins certainly aren’t your only concern. Following are a few easy locksmith tips for landlords that you can use to make sure that none of these troubles ever rear their heads.

Always have multiple copies of each unit key on hand. You do not want tenants to have to reproduce their own, nor do you want to have to wait for service during an emergency event. If someone gets locked out, you can simply pass out one of your ready-made copies.

To keep tenants from abusing the level of convenience that you have worked so hard to supply, be sure to pass the costs of replacement keys on to your renters. If the charge for this service is sufficiently high, your tenants will make every effort to keep track of their keys. This fee can also apply to mailbox keys, keys to laundry rooms and fitness facilities, as well as keys for all other locked common areas and amenities.

When someone moves out, it may be best to have the locks changed entirely. In fact, this is highly advised, particularly when tenants are evicted or otherwise disgruntled. This will prevent prior residents from illegally gaining access to units.

Certain keys should be marked with a clear do not copy sign. These are any units that you do not want people to have the ability to copy on their own. For instance, this might be mailbox, garage, or secured gate keys. Always issue a limited number of these and make sure that people are aware of the high charges that they will have to pay to have them replaced.

When choosing a locksmith to help you take care of this part of your buildings, always look for reputable and well-established companies. After all, the professional that you choose to hire will be made privy to the most important security features you have. Competency is a vital factor to consider also. If you have smart locks or other technologically advanced locking features, you will want your provider to have the training and experience for handling these things.

Cost is a key concern, especially when managing large-sized buildings with numerous units. Take the time to compare prices for the different services that you need and choose a company that prides itself in maintaining competitive prices. If you need a whole-building lock change, these efforts will prove more than worthwhile.

Although cost is an important consideration in the hiring process, you do not want to make it the only point you consider. For instance, you will definitely want to choose a provider with mobile operations. This way, a fully equipped technician can always come right to you. Moreover, you should look for services that are known for issuing a timely response, as well as for excellent customer service and superior overall workmanship.


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