Commonly Encountered UPVC Door Locking Mechanism Problems

Commonly Encountered UPVC Door Locking Mechanism Problems

Exterior doors serve several different purposes. The obvious one is being the portal into one’s home, though they can also provide an aesthetic look to the facade, create a barrier against the weather outside, and give security to the people and items inside the residence. This safety feature can be compromised when any of the following UPVC door locking mechanism problems occur.

Residential exterior doors can be made from a variety of materials such as wood, aluminum, and fiberglass. They might also be constructed from unplasticised polyvinyl chloride – a lightweight, but very strong and rigid form of PVC. While there are quite a few reasons that make this a wonderful option for use in this manner, there are still issues that may have to be dealt with over the course of time.

One such issue of concern is that a few different things can influence the efficiency of the parts necessary to properly engage the locks. When any such various components are compromised, the parts might not be able to connect securely or at all. Some of these situations are temporary and may resolve themselves, though others are more intricate and could require the services of a professional locksmith or even call for a complete replacement of the mechanisms.

As with wooden doors, the weather can have an effect on those made of this type of material. The fluctuation of temperatures during the high winter and extreme summer often cause the product to expand and contract which moves the mechanisms from their original settings and results in misalignment. Although it is inconvenient at the time, many of these issues will resolve themselves when the weather changes, though each season contributes to an issue that will eventually become a much bigger concern.

“Dropping” is a very common issue frequently experienced with products made of this material. Over time, the continuing contractions and expansions will cause a misalignment between the lock points and the keeps, creating a difficulty when opening. If it locks easily while open, a simple adjustment is all that is required; however, difficulty in this position may mean defective parts.

The lock mechanisms themselves might also be to blame. This device runs the full length of the interface and has several different points at which the problem may occur. Certain areas are easily corrected, though many of these components are hard to get and it is financially more sound to replace the entire thing than to order just the defective part.

One thing most people do not consider as a contributor to issues with their doors is the key – though it has great potential to be the culprit. Whether it be from the lock cylinders breaking down after thousands of turns from the keys, a piece of the key breaking off inside the lock, or trying to force a wrong key to turn, these can all cause damage. If any of these occur, it is best to call a locksmith and hopefully minimize the problem.

Although these types of doors are very sturdy, dependable and affordable, they are prone to issues just like any other product. Taking proper cautions and care can help extend its lifetime. If ever in doubt, contact a locksmith as soon as possible.


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