Protect Your Property On Bonfire Night

Protect Your Property On Bonfire Night

This Bonfire Night, make sure your property and possessions are safe from potential burglaries.


Sadly, every year, there is a hike in break-ins during Bonfire Night. Many families return home from watching a firework display to discover their home has been broken into; the loud noise from fireworks, empty homes and darkness help burglars to move around more easily. So how can you protect your home and possessions this Bonfire Night?


  • Make sure doors are locked and windows are sealed before you leave home, even if you are just popping out for a few minutes to see the fireworks
  • Switch on alarms and use stickers to advertise that your house has a security system
  • Invest in security lights to put off thieves
  • Overgrown plants and bushes can be used as hiding places by thieves, so ensure you trim back any unwieldy bushes
  • If you’re leaving your house empty for long periods, strategically leave some lights on or invest in timed lighting
  • Don’t leave any ladders or garden furniture out in the open. Thieves could use these items to enter or escape
  • More than a quarter of all households have inadequate or little to no security precautions at home, according to data from national home security month, with 5 per cent of all UK burglaries taking place thanks to an unlocked door

Kevin Russell, MD of LockFit warns:

“To deter burglars, we encourage homeowners to ensure that they lock their doors, activate any alarms and consider strategic lighting to illuminate any dark parts of their property to make it look occupied. These autumnal nights are fun for the whole family, but theft can quickly sour the festivities.”

For a full security audit, or to upgrade your current security lock and systems call your local Lockfit team today.


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