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When you join the LockFit team you are gaining a business partner that will provide you with all the tools needed to launch a successful franchise quickly and efficiently. In addition, start-up costs are low, we provide you with the equipment and training – and no locksmithing experience is necessary.


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Join an Experienced Locksmith Franchise Business

Have you ever considered starting your own business but didn’t know how? Perhaps you already own a Locksmith business and want to explore how franchising could take your operation to the next level. Whatever your goals, Lockfit provides a proven business model backed by unrivalled franchise support.


Becoming a Lockfit franchisee gives you the best of both worlds. You have the freedom that comes with running your own business, backed by the assurance you get from working with an established team. All the business systems are in place for you, having been tried and tested by existing franchisees.


Instead of having to make all those mistakes that are inherent in a new business, you can learn from the experiences of those who have been there and done it before. The result is a path to success that saves you time, money and sleepless nights.



Our systems, training and support provide you with all the tools you need to succeed.


Prepares you to deliver a highly skilled locksmith service to both domestic and commercial customers with an ongoing training when required.


With high growth and profit potential, we work closely with you to start and grow your locksmith franchise business.


You get the use of tried & tested systems that have been used by existing franchisees for many years.


To use the Lockfit brand and logo which is a recognisable and strong brand that will get you noticed and gain you customers.


24 hour business, marketing and technical support is always available you are never on your own.


The potential to build a franchise that can be resold to protect your investment, giving you financial security and a strong valuable business.


You will be allocated your own protected territory, where you will be able to develop a strong customer base. We also allocate you a much larger “call-out” territory which is not exclusive.


Leads generated through head office are shared across our franchisee network every month, both domestic and commercial from our network of national partnerships.

Hit the Ground Running


One of the biggest challenges for any independent locksmith is marketing your business and generating sufficient work to meet your income goals. As a Lockfit franchisee, you can expect to be in demand from day one. You will have access to a number of lucrative national partners, with job requests in your area sent to your territory. You will also benefit from local marketing activity and a business name which is synonymous with professionalism, quality and reliability.


Your franchise package includes all the tools that you need to build a successful business in the locksmith industry. Advice and assistance is always available – we provide ongoing operational, business management, finance, technical, product, sales and marketing training and support as required.


Joining a brand brings you opportunities that would have previously been out of reach. The locksmith industry is an in demand and recession-proof industry, locksmiths are always in demand and its a highly rewarding trade with an excellent earning potential.


From your first day of trading, you’ll have a bespoke website, optimised to get the best possible response and generate leads for your chosen areas.


Using Our partners to consistently monitor the performance of your ‘pay-per click’ campaigns to make improvements and to help ensure they yield maximum profit. Not only can they manage your Google Adwords campaigns but they also work relentlessly to improve natural search engine rankings to get you free work from the internet.


We can also supply you with additional artwork and support to advertise in local directories.


From day one you will have a number of fully optimised landing pages, we will also set up your social media accounts and google campaigns with full management from our partners, keeping you ahead of the competition.


You will receive branded business cards, operating manuals, leaflet, job sheets & invoice templates to ensure you maintain a professional image.


We will supply you with a starter tool & parts kit, including power tools.


As a franchisee you are expected to represent the brand positively at all times, therefore we will supply you with branded work wear.


Collecting reviews after each job is very important in building trust in your local area, we provide you access to the correct platforms.


We provide you with local numbers relevant to your area, with monthly reports to see what’s working best.


Due to our buying power we have negotiated great rates on all parts with suppliers, meaning you get the best prices.


Your advertising is critical to the success of your business, we like to dominate rather than compete, we will build you a proven & predictable strategy to bring in more customers.

Earning Potential


Each franchise territory is carefully designed to give you the maximum reward for your efforts. We work hard to ensure that every franchise territory has maximum earning possibilities and the correct mix of clients to ensure your success.


With our monthly fixed fee, you are always in control, and what you earn is completely up to you. By following the business model and taking a proactive approach to marketing in your territory, you should be attracting clients at a considerable rate

Don’t just take our word for it…..find out what our existing franchisees think

I am already very happy to be part of the LockFit team…


I had been searching for a franchise network to join for quite some time and after a year of searching I came across LockFit. LockFit stood out to me amongst all other franchises due to their level of service, topping that of all others I had looked into.

My locksmith training through LockFit was great and provided me with all the skills and information I needed to get started in my new career. The other franchisees within the network have all been very welcoming and supportive and it’s great to have them all at hand should I need them for help and advice. I am already very happy to be part of the LockFit team.

There are many things that I enjoy about my new business venture with LockFit including the freedom of working for myself and providing a quality service to customers in my local area. Every day is something different and unique- I certainly don’t think I am going to get bored in this job!


Mario Arabadzhiev – LockFit Luton


LockFit Luton operates in the following areas: Luton, Hitchin, Stevenage, Letchworth and Knebworth


Mario, Luton Locksmith Stood Next To His LockFit Van

I am excited for the next 5 years for the business…


In 2019 I started my first business, leaving behind a corporate job in telecoms after 12 years to go it alone and I have never looked back. Throughout the past 3 years I have grown my business, which now employs over 30 employees across 4 sites under a Vodafone Franchise and a small team of field technicians who initially supported the telecoms but have evolved into a team who deliver Intruder alarms, Smart Home systems and CCTV installations across Cambridgeshire.

In 2022 I decided I wanted to expand my business, so I set about looking for my next venture but I knew I wanted something completely different as Lockdown demonstrated that I needed to build some resilience into the business, as you never really know what is around the corner! LockFit was a great fit as the company culture was aligned to many of my existing company values and my personal values in how a business should be operated.

From my initial training, I took away some key basics to build upon, with further on the job training provided by LockFit, learning some valuable tips and tricks which means I was set up for success from day 1.

I have quickly learned that LockFit is not just a business but a network of like-minded individuals that are always there to support each other and this has given me a great reassurance that I can take on any job that comes my way as I know the support will be there even if my skill set is not perfected yet.

The best part of LockFit is that no two days are the same and you never know what is coming your way, and with a wealth of business experience and the skills provided by LockFit I am excited for the next 5 years for the business.


Matt Arthur – LockFit Peterborough


LockFit Peterborough operates in the following areas:

Peterborough, Huntingdon, St Neots, St Ives and March

Matt, Peterborough Locksmith Stood Next To His LockFit Van

I have picked a winning team…


After over 30 years as an engineer and working at senior management level for the past five, I was made redundant in March this year. After great deliberation and taking into consideration the events that we are going through this year, I decided to take a complete change of direction and retrain as an emergency locksmith. I started looking at the franchise route and spoke to three companies that operate throughout the UK. Out of the three, Lockrite, Lockforce and Lockfit, I got the best feeling after talking to Andy Moore at Lockfit. I was guided through the process and helped with advice on funding, and business set up. My training was arranged for the first week in June in Birmingham. The training was great, I trained alongside two other guys from Lockfit and we have now become good friends. After the training, I spent two days with Kevin Russell who is the MD and an experienced Locksmith. During the two days I went out on live jobs with Kevin and learned not only a few tricks of the trade but how to conduct myself when visiting customers houses. So, after that I was ready to go solo, my van was set up and ready to go and my training was complete. To say I was nervous would be an under statement but after my first couple of jobs my confidence grew and with the help of a great team of locksmiths in the Lockfit group  my learning continues daily. My first two weeks yielded £1000 in takings and although moderate, filled me with confidence. July saw my takings rocket to over £6500 as my business started to take off, August increased to £8800 in takings and as I was getting busier, my confidence and experience was growing daily. September for me saw my work increase further and sent my takings over £10000. My business philosophy has been “go out and make it happen” and its happening, it takes hard work and dedication but brings great rewards that are not all financial. There is great satisfaction in helping people who are sometimes in difficult situations with lost keys for example. I have no doubt that my decision to retrain as a locksmith was the correct one and  I believe strongly that in choosing Lockfit for this journey I have picked a winning team.


Dave Holman – LockFit Blackpool

24 Hour Support Team…


The decision to leave a corporate back ground after over 20 years was a huge one but I knew I needed a change so I went for something completely different.


The great thing about a locksmith is it is rescission proof & if people are locked out of their home it’s not a purchase they can put off. After speaking to Andy (franchise director) & Kevin (founder) from LockFit everything sounded positive so I then spoke to several franchisees who all reassured me. The training is very in depth & you are learning every day, it’s hard work but you really do have the support of the Team 24/7, I have been on the phone with the support team at midnight helping me. Having been on the road for a few weeks now it’s a great feeling when you can really help people & your run your own business.


Sean Woodard – LockFit Worthing

Sean, Local Locksmith Worthing Stood Next To His LockFit Van

I would recommend Lockfit to anybody thinking of entering the industry…


I recently purchased the Salford/ Manchester franchise from Lockfit. I briefly looked at just going to a training school, but as soon as I saw the support offered to franchisees, the training and the national contracts that were already in place for franchisees I decided to look into the franchisee route with Lockfit and I have not looked back.


I spoke to a number of companies but the thing that grabbed me immediately about Lockfit was that they were professional and organised, and offered an unlimited amount of ongoing support. As a past business owner knowing how hard it is to stand out in any industry I knew this would be invaluable for me. The training we did in the training school was excellent. The trainer was incredibly knowledgeable and the syllabus was detailed and informative, and all practical. Following that I went in the field with Kevin and did my first jobs in the field.


Going forward, one of the things you will hear most from the directors and from your fellow franchisees is “ring me anytime, any problem”. That alone is probably worth the cost of the franchise without the training, stock, tools and website. There is a wealth of knowledge and experience at our disposal whenever we need it.
I launch my area this week, and I am excited to keep learning and to work to grow my franchise with the confidence that I have a strong network of support around me. I would recommend Lockfit to anybody thinking of entering the industry.


Will Burke – Salford

The best decision I have made…


My biggest problem was how to become self-employed and what should I do. After a lot of research, I found lockfit. I wish I had found this opportunity sooner as it would have saved me wasting my time on other poor business opportunities.


After a few conversations with the owners I knew that I wanted to become a lockfit franchisee.


I want to say thank you to Andy (franchise director) and Kevin (founder & MD) your knowledge and wisdom on franchise ownership is exceptional.


The training was fantastic, and the trainer Shane was extremely helpful, he gave so much help and advice and guided me step by step.


After a few very busy weeks and time well spent I know I have made the best decision to join the lockfit team. I highly recommend the lockfit franchise to anyone considering getting involved in the locksmith industry.


I am optimistically looking forward to my locksmith career.


Gary Vezdenyi – Lockfit Bristol

Gary, Bristol Locksmith Stood Next To His LockFit Van

Fantastic locksmith training programme…


I recently purchased the Lockfit Plymouth franchise, after searching the market for a franchise, I came across several Locksmiths franchises and spent time looking into the various options.


After much research and talking with the team behind Lockfit I was convinced, I wanted to grow a successful business with scope for future expansion with the backing of a Nationally recognised brand.


Lockfit’s low initial investment, business support with sales and marketing and future expansion plans, fitted my needs – they were also able to offer support and advice to access start-up loans.


I spoke with existing franchisees and had several questions answered which helped me make the decision that I was making the right move to provide me with a fantastic future.


I know the road ahead with involve hard work to develop my area but with the back up and support Lockfit offer I am confident for the future.


The training provided was of a high standard and gave me all the technical skills I needed to start, I also had the opportunity to spend some time with existing franchisee, especially Kevin the MD, this was time well spent to see how things are done and pick up valuable knowledge on how to move forward.


I am looking forward to a very busy but successful time ahead and would highly recommend the Lockfit route to anyone considering running their own business with the support of a proven franchise model.


Roger Lowden – Lockfit Plymouth

Roger, Plymouth Locksmith Stood Next To His LockFit Van

Fantastic management team with daily continuous support…


I recently invested in the Lockfit franchise purchasing the Telford area, I’ve been involved in the franchising route for 7 years. On speaking to the Lockfit team and carrying out my research, I knew instantly that this franchise was an opportunity not to be missed. A low cost investment with great earning potential. The ongoing franchise fee is extremely low with no hidden costs.


I had the pleasure of meeting Lockfits existing franchisees to discuss their views since joining the locksmith franchise venture, it didn’t take me long to understand what a fantastic team were onboard. Sharing their experiences, challenges and most importantly their success stories within their areas.


The continuous support from the management team (Marketing, Technical and Operations) is a credit to the brand.


This is definitely the team for me and I’d strongly recommend this exciting venture to anybody that has the passion to succeed.


Lee Williams – Lockfit Telford

Lee, Telford Locksmith Stood Next To His LockFit Van

Our business is growing fast…


We joined Lockfit in early 2019, having been in the market looking for a new business opportunity, we wanted to be part of a brand that was in high demand.


We came across Lockfit, having spoken to the team at Lockfit and speaking to their other franchisees we knew this was an excellent opportunity and one that was also scalable, we are now looking forward to an exciting future.


Mike & Tony – North West 

Tony, St Helens Locksmith Stood Next To His LockFit Van

LockFit Northern Ireland


When I spoke to the Lockfit team they where 100% genuinely enthusiastic about the brand and wasn’t pushy at all as you find with most franchisors trying to sell to you.


Kevin actively encouraged me to contact the existing franchisees and ask them any questions that I had before I made a decision which was a fantastic help to me.


The cost of the franchise with Lockfit is very affordable and when you consider the amount of money that Lockfit spend getting a franchisee set up to trade they make very little on the initial purchase which astonished me.


The ongoing costs of the franchise are also extremely reasonable when you consider the support that you receive from Kevin and Lockfit.
As with any business it will take hard work, time and effort to get up and running and any franchise company that tell you any different are lying to you.


Lockfit do genuinely want each franchisee to succeed and make money and the rewards with Lockfit come fairly quickly.


The Lockfit team work tirelessly to ensure each and every one of the franchisees are going to be successful and is always there to advise and assist. Lockfit benefit from our success and in turn we benefit from their success. It’s early days for me but I have a good feeling about my decision to join Lockfit and I am looking forward to making a very good income and being my own boss.


Gary Parker 

Gary, Northern Ireland Locksmith Stood Next To His LockFit Van

LockFit South Birmingham


I have now owned my Lockfit Franchise for 4 weeks and the experience has been amazing. From the initial help setting up to the training, uniform and branding it has meant that I have been able to exceed my Business plan month 1 expectations. I have been able to triple the revenue I thought I was going to achieve to £2980 from the first 3 weeks which has meant I have been able to activate further marketing 2 months earlier than planned. Best decision I ever made and I would recommend Lockfit as a Franchise to anyone.


Tony Harris 

Tony, Birmingham Locksmith Portrait Profile

Lockfit Stafford


I bought the Lockfit Stafford franchise early 2019 and have not looked back since, it has been eventful, hard work but to see the many people who I have helped on a daily basis is so rewarding. As a business being fair on price, transparent and approachable without all the jargon I’m starting to gain more customers and respect from the local community and will potentially benefit from the rewards and can honestly say the best thing I have done in business and I have been around a few years working for big corporate businesses.

Glad to be giving something back to the public.


Neale Clarke – Stafford

Neale, Stafford Locksmith Stood Next To His LockFit Van

LockFit Nottingham


We purchased the Lockfit Nottingham franchise, after searching the market for a franchise, we came across Lockfit and after meeting the team behind it, we where hooked. We both wanted a business where we could work together and grow a successful business with the backing of a Nationally recognised brand.
The support we have is amazing, we get 24/7 telephone support, and full business support with sales and marketing, we also get 24/7 technical support, which is invaluable. The best discussion we have ever made and so enjoyable to work with such an experienced management team.


Mike & James Booth

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