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Why Partner with LockFit?

Partner with LockFit for a market-leading business start up and ongoing support to help you build a lasting and successful business you will be passionate about.


Locksmithing is an in-demand, recession-proof, and highly rewarding trade. With an excellent earning potential, there has never been a better time to consider a vocation in the locksmith trade!

LockFit makes entry into the locksmith industry easy…
LockFit is a professional uniformed Locksmith company in the UK, specialising in both commercial and domestic locksmith services. A partnership with LockFit gives you a market leading business start-up.


With our comprehensive training course, fully managed websites and internet advertising campaigns, and industry partners, LockFit supports you and provides everything you need to launch a professional, successful and rewarding locksmith business of your own. We give you the training and support to become a certified highly skilled locksmith, able to confidently complete both commercial and domestic locksmith work.


The Package: What’s Included in the Franchise?


  • A comprehensive training programme prepares you to deliver a highly skilled locksmith service.
  • The licence to use the LockFit brand, logo, telephone numbers and proven marketing systems.
  • A protected territory, supported with a well-structured and comprehensive internet marketing campaign from our partners.
  • Training in sales & marketing.
  • Personal stationery, uniforms, operating manuals, job sheets, downloadable resources and trade/supplier accounts.
  • We can point you in the right direction to obtain a fully fitted and sign written van (on competitive finance) with satellite navigation.
  • A comprehensive tool and equipment package, including quality power tools & specialised locksmith equipment.
  • Comprehensive stockholding to enable you to commence trading with confidence.


The Training: What Does the Training Involve?


Your comprehensive training takes place at a training facility based in the West Midlands. After your training is complete you will receive a certificate of achievement in Locksmithing. Our trainer will assess you at each stage, to ensure that you are confident before moving onto the next stage.


After successfully completing the training, you will also be offered the opportunity to spend a few days with a qualified locksmith for some hands-on training with real customers.

As a LockFit locksmith, you will be qualified to open, pick, drill, replace and repair all manner of locks. You will also be trained in all the “tricks of the trade”, including bypassing mechanisms, broken key extraction, how to cut replacement and duplicate keys, install digital locking systems, and repair & replace uPVC locks.


Your Territory to Build and Develop Your Customer Base

Once you have been accepted as a LockFit Locksmith, you will be allocated your own protected territory, where you will be able to develop a strong customer base. We also allocate you a much larger “call-out” territory which is not exclusive, but will provide you with additional work if you’re prepared to travel.


Where Does My Work Come From?

From your first day of trading, you’ll have a bespoke website, optimised to get the best possible response and generate leads for your chosen areas.

Using Our partners to consistently monitor the performance of your ‘pay-per click’ campaigns to make improvements and to help ensure they yield maximum profit. Not only can they manage your Google Adwords campaigns but they also work relentlessly to improve natural search engine rankings to get you free work from the internet.

Calls to your web numbers are analysed, so we can report how many enquiries your websites have generated.
Adverts for local press and magazines can be tailor made upon request.


The LockFit Van: Your Mobile Workshop and Billboard Advertisement

Your van is fully fitted out, sign written, and equipped; it’s your mobile workshop and billboard advertisement. Packed with all your quality tools and stock, LockFit locksmith branded work wear – you’re ready for business.

At LockFit, the right image is to the success of your business, and you can rest assured that our branding is a sign of quality throughout our industry.

Although image is important, we do not insist that you have a brand new van; in fact, we have several options available, depending on your preference, to help keep business overheads to a minimum.


In the UK there are:

  • 25 million homes
  • 5.4 million small and medium sized enterprises


In 2015 there were:


  • 785,000 incidents of domestic burglary
  • 214,433 incidents of non-domestic burglary


As these statistics indicate, locksmiths can reach millions of customers: from the homeowner who has locked themselves out to business owners looking to protect their merchandise from thieves.


LockFit can help you on your way to achieving a career with huge growth and earnings potential.

Becoming a LockFit Franchisee


I have spent over 20 years as a car sales executive, I initially heard of LockFit through an internet search.


I joined LockFit in 2018 because I wanted to be own boss, set my own hours, I did not want somebody else telling me what I must do and when.


The initial training was brilliant a spent 1 week in the training centre with a locksmith that has over 25 years experience, all my training was hands on so I could learn and get a feel for every part.


I would say to someone looking to get started as a Locksmith to talk to the team at LockFit. If you want to be your own boss and you enjoy hands on practical jobs, then it’s a fantastic opportunity


Terry Monaghan – LockFit Sutton Coldfield

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