Former Chef turns Locksmith and becomes a franchisee

Former Chef turns Locksmith and becomes a franchisee

I’ll always remember my mum giving me some worldly career advice.

“Whatever you decide to do, don’t go into the catering and hospitality industry. It’s badly paid and bad for your social life”.


So at the age of 18 I became a chef.


True, it was badly paid but great fun. As a young man with very limited responsibilities I thoroughly enjoyed my life working in hotels, restaurants and bars both here and abroad and gaining fantastic experience in both life and the industry. As the responsibilities grew, including a wife and kids, I moved into retail catering management for a leisure management company. Better pay but very routine and despite spending eight years with the company, I knew this wasn’t for me. I wanted to be in control of my own destiny. So when an opportunity for a village shop, post office and catering business venture came my way, there was only ever one decision to make – how quickly can I start?


The company ran for 12 years and provided me with an extensive business education. There were some really good times and some harder ones but both offering valuable lessons. From a post office robbery and staff stripping naked to trying to keep the business afloat in really trying circumstances, it was an amazing period in my life. However, it didn’t last forever and whatever I decided to do next was definitely going to be on a self-employed basis.


I started to do some food writing but with the number of kids in the house now at three I realised I needed to do something that paid a bit quicker! I had recently written an article on street food and became fascinated. My next venture.


Eight years on and the business, The Ciabatta Grill, is still a busy little street food stall on Winchester Market. My love for it has dwindled recently however, as I’ve stood through another cold, wet winter. Last year I hit a milestone in my life and came to the conclusion that I’m not too old to learn a new trade. I knew I wanted to continue being self-employed but whatever I chose would have to be enjoyable, financially rewarding and something I can continue doing up to and past the next milestone!


And then I discovered Lockfit.  A locksmiths franchise that almost appears too good to be true. Very reasonably priced, lots of support on offer, a genuine desire to see all franchisees succeed, no experience necessary and my territory is available. What really made Lockfit stand out is the almost revolutionary attitude of the leadership team to the industry. Their determination to break down the barrier of rogue locksmiths and offer a completely transparent and professional service is one of the main reasons I’ve chosen to join the team.


So here’s to the future and to finally do something other than cook!


Andy Whitmill – LockFit Southampton


If you would like to start your own LockFit franchise call our team on 0800 210 1010. Our Franchise Development team will be in touch to answer any of the questions you have.


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